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You fight with courage, you fight with honor... But why do you truly fight?

To understand our war, and why our Knights battle, we must seek the knowledge of things forgotten by most. The roots of our conflict go as deep as the very nature of the universe. The World was not always as it is today.

In the age before time as we know it, there was only the mystic void and the ancient, unformed energies. What initiated the change is beyond understanding, but the ancient energies began to gain substance. And out of this fabric of developing substance, a thread, a very special power, gained consciousness.

Logos was this being, and his impulse was to create a reflection of himself. It was he who shaped what would become the world of Carnac with its tall mountains, deep valleys and blue skies. Logos conjured water to carve the rocks, flood the valleys and fill the oceans. Soon the world was marvelous, like a turquoise jewel hanging in the mystic void. Logos was not satisfied, however. He felt that there must be others to experience the splendors of the rivers, oceans and lakes. The rocks and mountains were grand, but lifeless.

Drawing from the energies he had used to fashion the mountains, Logos created life. There were now fish to swim in the water, and trees to grow out of the dirt. Next appeared animals of the land and soaring birds to grace the sky. And lastly, Logos made humans, whom he created in his likeness. Humans were as Logos in that they too had the power to mold the world to suit their needs.

For a time all was well. Logos, called a God by the humans, was content and all of his creations rejoiced and prospered in the world bestowed to them.

It was soon to be undone.

In his haste to create humankind in his own image, Logos left a piece of energy half-formed. It lay forgotten in the darkest valley and there it stayed for centuries, waiting for its turn to be molded into something beautiful.

At first it was patient.

"Logos has a special plan for me," it thought to itself. "Maybe he has not yet decided what to mold me into."

However, as with all conscious beings shown some attention but then abandoned, its patience waned and it grew bitter. Instilled with a mind not so different from Logos, the forgotten piece of energy slowly willed itself into full shape. Not limited as humans were in their finished form, bit by bit it developed beyond them. With each transformation it grew ever more powerful, and ever more hateful of having been forgotten.

By the time Logos recalled the Forgotten One, it was far too late. An entity which named itself Pathos had come to be. It rivaled Logos in power and contained none of his compassion. Instead, it longed to twist what Logos had painstakingly created. As revenge, Pathos' first act was to infuse the world with Change.

From Pathos' act came the four seasons, day and night, life and death. This was not enough for Pathos as he wanted Logos to experience the pain and abandonment he had felt. Taking a handful of sand, Pathos infused within every grain what would be known as the sins of humankind, filled with sentiments and impulses as dark as those in Pathos. Each grain he took and planted into human nature. And with that act, people turned away from Logos. They learned greed, lust and a desire to dominate and destroy.

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